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The main accessories and structural style of the centrifugal pump

Though there are many structural style of the centrifugal pumps, because of its same working principle, the main accessories are similar. There are the main accessories of the centrifugal pump.

1. Impellers. Impellers function is transmission of energy from the prime mover to liquids. The impeller is made of front shroud, back shroud, blades and firm.

2. Suction chamber. Suction chambers function is to make the liquid into the impeller evenly at the lowest cost. There are three structural styles: cone-shaped tube, annular suction chamber and semi-spiral suction chamber.

3. Delivery chamber. Delivery chambers function is to collect the liquid at the lowest loss, then draw it to the discharge opening or secondary impellers. During this process, the kinetic energy of the energy turns into pressure energy. There are the main structural styles of the delivery chamber: spiral volute chamber, annular delivery chamber, radial direction guide vane, twisted blade.

 The impeller, suction chamber, delivery chamber, suction inlet and discharge opening are all the flow passage components of the code.

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