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How to solve the slurry pump bottom of Water Leakage phenomenon

Slurry pump due to the phenomenon of friction and the mud will often occur. Therefore, it is inevitable because of mud and the wear too serious, resulting in leakage of slurry pump at the bottom of the phenomenon, so that our slurry pump in use, because the bottom of the water leakage caused by slurry pump in processing of materials by the loss.

Therefore, if we can find the leakage of slurry pump at the bottom of, we need to timely shutdown inspection and maintenance,specific inspection and maintenance of the process are as follows:

1, first of all, we have to stop the slurry pump, because in slurry pump work, the slurry pump maintenance is very dangerous;

2, the slurry pump in the bottom of the packing, and the packing was stable, so as to avoid packing leakage phenomenon;

3, after the completion of the filler, the slurry pump to test machine check, prevent packing leakage phenomenon, avoid the slurry pump in operation when rocked.

Through the above steps, we can successfully solve the slurry pump at the bottom of the water leakage problem, thereby avoiding slurry pump because the bottom of the water leakage caused by slurry pump can not be normal use.

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