Transparency and Accountability

Trust of society is absolutely necessary for our organization.

In ASENDHI, we understand that transparency and accountability is the main responsibility. Our members, donors and public in general, have put their trust in us. Therefore, be accountable /rendering accounts is an ethical requirement. We believe in responsibility of demonstrating: our clear numbers, our effective and efficient work, and our actions are always subordinated to our purposes and directed to achieve maximum social impact.

The Association of Patients with Hidrosadenitis- ASENDHI, founded in 2008 as a non-profit organization, is registered under No. 593089 in the National Register of Associations of the Interior Ministry (Home Office en Inglaterra).

Like the rest of associations, we are subject, inter alia, the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March regulating the Right of Association and its implementing regulations, the Law 49/2002 of Tax Regime of Non-Profit Institutions and by Royal Decree 1491/2011 laying down rules for adapting the General Accounting Plan to non-profit entities, as well as our own statutes approved.

This legislation requires that the Association satisfy certain legal duties, and respond to labor and tax obligations.

Therefore, the association has a number of tools of control and accountability:

  • We give our accountability to the Interior Ministry, we have to show an activity and financial report annually.
  • We prepare an annual planning with our intended activities and our priorities.
  • We publish an Annual Report which contains the main results of our actions, as well as the origin and distribution of ASENDHI resources
  • You can also see our Activities Report.
  • In addition, you can consult our actions with companies in our section of Collaborators.
  • Twice a year, our newsletter allows our members, donors and friends to keep track of our main activities • On this website you can consult the organizational chart, the main coordinators, and a brief curriculum.
  • Our website is the main vehicle for external communication with our members and followers who can access to the most relevant documents and information regarding our activity. We also have a Facebook profile where we try to keep in touch with our members and followers.

Every day we work to be more effective, efficient and improve our management in order to focus on excellence. Therefore transparency is our ethical principle which works in our organization. We consider it the key and one of the main obligations of service to our society which we are committed with.